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CAPTAIN DANGER is here to save the day.

Serving up “catchy, quirky pop with a funky soul,” CAPTAIN DANGER has a unique but “immediately likable” catalog of classics.

CAPTAIN DANGER “pulls off the perfect pop formula so well it doesn’t feel formulaic at all.” (or so said CMJ.)

This powerhouse trio consists of songwriter/singer/ guitarist AARON STEINBERG (at ease in highly flammable 70s polyester) and the fab talents of drummer ROGER "JOOSE" BENFORD (SiR, Shafiq Husayn, Patrick Paige) and bassist/vocalist KEITH EADDY (Macy Gray, Dam-Funk, Jody Watley, Loose Ends).

Influences include greats such as Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Meters, The Police, Motown and King Crimson, along with artists like Sly Stone, Nellie McKay, Shuggie Otis, Soul Coughing, War, Ben Harper and Tom Lehrer.

Armed with great melodies and rhythms, as well as a love of humor and irony, CAPTAIN DANGER sticks up for the underdog (wherever she or he might be).

If DON QUIXOTE was a modern-day city dweller, he’d have CAPTAIN DANGER on his playlist.

Live highlights include South by Southwest, CMJ and Arlene's Grocery's "Best Of NY" release, and performing live on Showtime's "The Green Room with Paul Provenza.” TV, film and ad licensing includes Billabong, Bravo, Disney, CBS, NBC, MTV, ESPN, NHL, AMC, WE and more. Composing theme songs for specific productions (Bill Nye The Science Guy, Howard Stern, Fitz & Slade) is also a favorite activity for CAPTAIN DANGER (check out Captain Danger’s soundtracks website, chemicalmusic.com). Additionally, look out for guitar work on soundtracks such as "Battlefield Hardline,” “Dawn of War” and "Limitless" (film and also the Emmy-Nominated CBS series), "Dredd," "Dawn of War," "Dynasty" and more for composer Paul Leonard-Morgan.

Currently, CAPTAIN DANGER is based in Los Angeles - performing, recording, producing and happily making trouble for those who need it the most. Production / collaborating includes the hilarious wunderkind Flula Borg (Pitch Perfect 2, Conan O’Brien), the amazing Olivia Olson (Adventure Time, Phineas & Ferb, Love Actually) and fiery singer/songwriter L.P. (Warner Bros).

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